BARGAIN SALE (English) - [2022-09-15]

Due to the renovation of our warehouse, we are having a one-time-only clearance sale. For this one time only, we are offering 20% off all new and semi-new items that are not normally included in the "One Day Sale"!

Please note that each sale item will be removed from the sale page and returned to its regular price at a later date once the number of items ordered reaches the specified quantity.


Special Bargain Sales Page



Please note that sale prices are only available in the online store, and no discounts will be given in-store for eligible items in the store.

Once the number of eligible items reaches the sale limit, the items will go out of stock and will be re-priced at the regular price at a later date.

We will announce the end of the sale for all items in our News section two weeks prior to the end of the sale.

Don't miss out on this special sale!